Very Hot Sauce 7 Pot Brain Strain Pepper - 100ml

For a couple of years we grew a feature pepper in our little green house in Amsterdam. And every year we would harvest this pepper and produce a single batch of hot sauce with it. And then we would eat it! In 2021 we made 150 bottles using the season feature chili; the 7 Pot Brain Strain pepper. This is a very hot pepper (one pepper is enough to HEAT 7 pots of food), mixed with some papaya, makes for a killer sauce. Be warned this ones a hot one! We love this sauce sooo much that we just kept on making it. Enjoy!

Ingredients 7-Pot Brain Strain Chilis, Papaya, Garlic, Carrot, Lime, VinegarSalt, Xanthum (100% vegan).

Description a very nice, very hot sauce with a touch of papaya

Put it on Everything! Another amazing season, limited edition made from an amazing uniquely exotic pepper. If you like it hot, you'll this 7 Pot Brain Strain.

Heat very spicy

Volume 100ml

El Jefe Primo Salsa, put it on everything.