From the fires of the revolution comes the flavor that will set aflame your passion for life at every meal. Each handcrafted bottle of El Jefe Primo Salsa is made with the utmost devotion to the cause. EL JEFE, a man of the people with a salsa for the people. El Jefe Primo Salsa is the Flavor of the Revolution.

No Crap Hot Sauce EL JEFE hot sauces are made with only natural ingredients. We don't use fillers, thickeners, added water or added sugar, and no preservatives. Just quality, natural ingredients. EL JEFE, come to where the flavor is. Our sauces are made in small batch runs, in our own little sauce kitchen, the FACTORIA PICANTE, here in Amstetdam, Holland.

Mexican style salsa hot sauces EL JEFE spent 10 years living in Texas, from there often travelling to Mexico where he came in contact with beautiful, spicy salsa's made from delicious local chilis. When he later moved to Amsterdam, he took those chilis with him and in 2014 started making his now famous EL JEFE PRIMO SALSA hot sauces. At first his clients were mostly local chefs in the finer restaurants around the city. Soon he was selling to specialty stores. Now, with his webshop he is able to reach his fans all over the world.